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In Topic: Boo ferrules and tapers

19 March 2016 - 07:16 AM

Hi rodders, not seen this q anywhere...,

Just finished ringing my newly built Drifts river rod 7ft 2. #5.
I`m almost finished the boo add on ferrule and the question is.....,

Does the taper need/have to be altered (bit late for that now though) when doing an add on ferrule or even a ferrule thats built in the male to become the female??

What do you artisans think/do/recommend

Thanks for help with this one.

In my opinion "glued on" ferrules are better solution than "integrated" with a five inches swell. The stiff area is long only as the female ferrule( 70 -100mm), on the swelled integrated ferrules is long almost as the swell is( ~150mm).. Of course you can make a swell much shorter than 5'' but it is not so easy...

Regarding the taper changing if you convert the taper from the "metal ferrules" to "bamboo ferrules" you may use hexrod and recalculate the taper to a "onepiece" rod.. Or you may shorten the "line length" for 5-10feet... But...,you should be aware that a finished rod will not be exactly the same as the original.. Maybe better!! ;)


r :)

In Topic: stacked BOO pen just like reel seat

30 November 2015 - 03:56 AM

The secret (for reel seats) is in getting the BOO segments flat at each side and use a good epoxy just the same as in reel seat making.

Regards to everybody.
Chris from U.K


Not necessarily true. You can glue the curved bamboo segments. But,..yes it's much easier if the segments are flattened before gluing...


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In Topic: Orvis rebuilds

17 October 2015 - 03:11 PM

Thank you Dick. No, I didn't dip varnish the whole blank.. The varnish on the blank is original, I only lightly sanded the areas where the guides were mounted just to smooth them for easier wrapping.  Then I varnished only the wraps. 


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In Topic: Orvis rebuilds

17 October 2015 - 04:51 AM

Of course it is somewhat easier.. When you arrive to the point when you have a bamboo blank you have a lot of hours of planing, sanding, tempering, measuring, sanding, planing, measuring, glueing, sanding, varnishing..etc.. behind you. With the purchased blank you start with "zero hours"...


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In Topic: Trout rod restoration/repair

17 October 2015 - 04:40 AM

The "story" of this rod ended with repaired butt section, new butt and finally I was asked to make also new tips!! So the owner now has the original, well..repaired, not 100% original(to keep as Mr.Calviello seems does not make rods anymore..?!)....


Here are the photos of the "reproduction rod".. Cork quality is similar to the cork used on original. On the new rod grip and reelseat are made of used champagne stoppers.. The quality is not the best but as you can see ;)