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In Topic: Swelled butts

20 March 2013 - 08:15 PM

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Imagine that you are making a 7'6" (or 90") rod. Your across-the-flats measurement at 75" might be .285", and your measurement at 80" might be .315". That's a jump of .030" in just one five inch station, and not what I would consider a swelled butt. However if your measurement at 80" were .365", that's an increase of .080" over just one five inch station... and would like be considered a swelled butt. That's quite possible with regular forms, and both looks nice and makes the rod feel different.



Thanks for this. It's something I've always sort of thought about but never really pursued since my 1st rod is still on paper...(shhhh...)

Anyway, I have this thing for the looks of a swell. I just love them. Always have. The function/modifications to the rod action notwithstanding, I could see me altering a few given tapers to include a gentle, not steep swell. It's just me...I really like the look and I'm not that good of a caster to quibble over a slight casting feel.

Thanks for this young fellah! Hope to run into you one fine day!


In Topic: First Cane Project --- Finished!

10 March 2013 - 04:23 PM

Magnificent looking piece of work. You should be very proud! Love your choices...all of them!

And your lettering (SO important!!) is superb, man!


In Topic: First Cane Project --- In progress

24 February 2013 - 10:19 PM

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Looking good! Where did you get your hardware from?
Time to start day dreaming about that first cast thumbsup.gif

Thanks Dana! Yea I can't wait to wrap her up and put a line on, especially after the progress today. I got the reel seat hardware and ferrules from Bellinger.

Today was a big milestone for me. I lapped the ferrules to fit and glued them in place. It was a really magic moment the first time I connected the sections and felt the rod wiggle in my hand. Then I leaned the rod against the wall and spent about an hour just staring at it, thinking back at the months that has past since I begun the journey. Great feeling!

Next step will be to wrap the guides and get some spar varnish on her.

The ferrules lapped to fit but not yet glued. Didn't dare to seat them all the way before I glued them to the blank. Touched up with some #0000 steelwool after glue up and the fit is great now

Magic moment...ferrules are glued and the sections go together. Wiggle wiggle... kicking.gif

All the hardware after bluing with Oxpho. The maple reel seat need to be buffed out but it came out pretty good.

JP, great looking job you're doing on this rod. I love watching your progress. Seems to be going along very nicely!!

Your bluing solution, do you feel the cold blue process of your chemical will give a fairly durable finish and last for a good while? I've not heard of of it before but I quite like that coloration it provides you as shown. Very nice!! Subtle but yet just blued enough.

I'm liking the way your rod is turning out. And yes, the great looking, clear pics. surprise me, especially given that they come from a cell phone. Amazing stuff we have at our disposal nowadays...

Jeremy ... whose cell phone has one of those "little finger" round dials...:-)) I'm a dinosaur ;-)) *G*

In Topic: First Cane Project --- In progress

19 February 2013 - 12:51 PM

JP, thank you. I made a guess from looking at the bottle but didn't know for sure.

I've used Titebond for some furnituremaking in the past (another hobby) and that's why I asked. I know a little about the hasty set-up of wood glues but I'm not sure I'd function well under-the-gun with the binding of our well-worked, valuable strips. Thanks for that! I'll need to do some deciding for myself. I'm very much enjoying your well-documented rod-build!!

Blueline..I sent you a message regarding that Unibond since I didn't want to take JP's post off track. It's just about the glue and purchasing...


In Topic: First Cane Project --- In progress

19 February 2013 - 09:42 AM

QUOTE (j_palmborg @ Feb 11 2013, 11:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>


I've been following this thread and have been really happy to see and hear your progress. As Harry said, your pictures are really nice!!

Would you mind letting me know what that rod glue is that you used for this rod? I'd be very interested as I'm looking around for myself and can't quite decide.