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Failed attempt to implement wood into handle..

01 May 2018 - 04:48 PM

I posted a while ago about getting some advice on attempting to drill a large cocobolo blank for the butt section of a centerpin. I ended up cutting it into three pieces, the butt section, reel seat and accent for a foregrip.

The butt section came out alright so far, I still need to glue some cork to it and take a little more off the but end..

The reel seat could have been better, it tapers a bit towards the tip so it's a little but of a loose fit but I think that I can live with that.

The accent for the foregrip is a fail in my book.. somehow it's not completely centered,I'm not sure what could have possibly caused that. The diamater is way too thin (that got away from me) and I just don't think it looks good. pictures to follow.. good thing I didn't waste too much expensive cork on it.

If anybody is curious I turned everything on a game call mandrel.. They come in multiple diamaters and there is a screw on one end that accepts a live center and allows you to expand the diamater in order to hold your work.

Pictures of my fail to follow. Hopefully I'll be posting some pictures of the finished product in a few weeks. Hopefully the first time I'm using wood in a grip won't be a complete fail.

Anybody ever make wooden butt caps?

19 March 2018 - 10:38 PM

A friend of mine has asked me to build him a center pin rod for fishing in the Great Lake Tribs and I'm contemplating building the same thing for myself.. Lots of builders seem to use size 8 guides all the way up to the tip to combat ice forming on the guides which causes the rods to be tip heavy. In order to combat that I am going to try to use an aluminum skeletonized reel seat and have some wood on the butt to match the reel seat. I would like to do something along the lines of the following picture but I'm not sure how to go about it. I would have to have some rubberized cork on the end because half the time fishing for steelhead is spent cursing at the ice accumulating on your guides--with a 10-16 foot rod you have to put the butt down to fix that situation and I wouldn't want the wood to get messed up.


Should I drill all the way through the butt cap with a diameter matching the blank and glue a rubberized piece of cork onto the end and shape to size after I finish the butt cap? I'm assuming I'll have to keep either end of the butts rough so it will adhere to the cork.


Will the same wood glue that I glue cork rings together with be sufficient?


I'm not sure the end result will be worth all of the hard work..






This rod was built by Laurel Ridge, he has some pretty kick ass work.. definitely worth taking a look at.


I have never fished center pin, I usually fish the same tribs with a 7 weight. Any advice would be much appreciated.