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I need some help!

18 May 2020 - 07:43 PM

I'm new and need some help. I'm about to build my wrapper. I'm 73 and my hands are Arthritic. 

I have seen several folks use wing nuts to secure the verticle rod holders. However, I have also seen numerous others that used much larger bakelite or plastic knobs that appear to be for 1/4" bolts. Because they are much larger than wingnuts, they would be MUCH better for my Arthritis! The problem, I can't find them, I've searched Lowes and Home Depot, to no avail! Can someone tell me where you got yours and what did you ask for? Knobs doesn't work because the will try to show you cabinet knobs. I guess I should have said they appear to be black and star shaped! Thanks for your time and help!

Very Kind Regards,