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Full Version: Reel seat + fighting butt
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Newbie question here. I am about to start in on my third rod. This one is a 7wt and I want to add a fighting butt. Can I add a fighting butt to any reel seat, or do I need specific reel seats designed to have fighting butts? I was looking on one dealers web page a saw that struble had a u18 reel seat with a u18fb fighting butt before they stopped making them, so it made me wonder, do I need to look for a reel seat/fighting butt designed to fit together?
If you do not want to make it a removable fighting butt, then just add the fighting butt t the end of the blank and then add the reelseat and grip. I offer a cork check that fits the barrel end of of Lemke seats that I sell that makes it come out very nice and asthetically pleasing on the transformation. The seat on the right is the LC1NP uplocking withe the cork check.
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Take a look at this link. It might clear up some of your questions if you decide to make up a permenanant FB. I think now I have three rods with permenant butts and one (the first attempt at a FB) with a removable butt. I have lost and found the removable FB twice now in the bottom of my boat.

Good Luck.

If you do make a fixed fighting butt, but sure your rod tube is long enough to accommodate it. Not a problem just something to remember when buying a tube.
Ron, now those are nice! Jeff, thanks for the link Been reading a lot.
John T.
I have lost and found the removable FB twice now in the bottom of my boat

You know it's going to be a bad day when your butt falls off. hysterical.gif
Interesting and informative thread- have an 8 wt. that I want to add a FB.
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