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Full Version: American Tackle 'Titan' Titanium Guides?
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Does anyone have experience with these guides? They look to be very similar (visual & specs.) to the Fuji Titaniums, but ~50% cheaper.

Titan Guides

Fuji Guides

BTW, this is for a spinning rod.


I've got several rods with Titans on them, both spinning an dcasting

no problems yet, the longest one in commission is about 18 months now and its one of my most used rods.

American Tackle significantly amped they're product line and is offering a high quality product. In my opinion Fuji still has higher standards and a better quality control inspection process but for the money you will be pleased with the Titans.

Welcome Gramps!

Unless you're going to be using braided line and fighting big-ass fish, I'd go for the Titans as well thumbsup.gif
IMHO The Fuji SIC guides will outlast any others in those circumstances. But if you're using mono or florocarbon the ceramics will last a long time.

(My 2)

Thanks for all of the help guys! I have a 7'6" Lamiglas spinning blank I am building, two of them actually. I ordered one with Concept SIC's and was wanting to try the Titanium guides.

I do use braid and I like to think I catch big fish blush.gif 30" +/- Snook & Redfish are my main targets, in the salt of course. I'll give the SIC's a go for the first blank and see if I even think there is a need to spend 2x for Titanium.

Pictures will follow the build. cool.gif

I've used braid on mine, but big fish isnt generally the name of the game with bass.
though there is the occassion catifsh, musky, carp or gar that decides to bite.
Interesting post here. I have a question. Got my first customer order for a custom rod! Customer wants a dressed up rod and wants Titanium double foot snake guides. I have checked some of my catalogues. Can't find them. Any help is appreciated. help.gif
There is no true Titanium snake guides, there are the REC Ti memory wire guides but that is a Ti/Nickel alloy. If your customer is looking for longevity these are not the guides I'd pick. They are made of a softer material that grooves fairly easily. They are light and you can bend them without damage to a certain extent, but he'll need guide replacement faster than most. The Ti wire tip top is total junk IMO and I wouldn't use one, they look like they were made from tin cans and on some of the heavier saltwater rods have cut them clean thru with superline backing on the first day out.
The Ti in the AmTack and Fujis aren't the same either, the Fujis are lighter in weight, are harder, disapate heat better, and are of a darker colored material, almost the same color as their gunsmoke finish, while the Titans are a very "white" metal.
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