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Full Version: Thread size comparison charts??????????
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Ray Cover
I did a search on here and did not find this info. Sorry if it is a repeat question.

Is there a thread size comparison chart out there anywhere?

For example

size 100 thread = size 000 thread
?????? = size 00
size 50 thread = size A
????? = size C
?????? = size D

Is there a chart out there anywhere that compares all the various thread sizing systems?

If not, I would be willing to put together a chart if you all will provide the sizing info.

There are colors of vintage silk thread the was popular in ages gone by. As fashions and fads change a lot of these colors go in and out of production. By knowing these comparisons of the various thread sizing systems it would allow us to buy vintage silk threads online and elsewhere and know what size we were getting.

I prefer to wrap with silk so this is of high interest to me. I love its translucence (especially on top of metallic underwraps).

Thanks in advance,


I've seen one somewhere (Goldenwitch?). Seems like the writer measured out either an inch or a half inch section of blank and counted the number of wraps required to cover that distance in the various thread sizes.

Harry (who swears he'll never use Gossamer again after just finishing up two 3/2 rods with it and nearly going blind)
Mark Francis
Try here
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