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In Topic: Rod building events or the lack there of

30 January 2018 - 10:42 AM

There isn't a high enough density of rod builders anywhere to make rod building shows or events very feasible. The only reason mine is able to draw enough attendees, is because of several reasons, including the location (70% of all rod builders are located east of the Mississippi River and within a days drive of NC) and it has enough exhibitors to draw a sufficient crowd to make the trip and the expense worthwhile for everyone. No event promoter can afford to sink $30,000 to $40,000 into a similar event against an expected attendance of maybe a couple or even three hundred rod builders. I have to get 2500 to attend here just to break even - and they have to come from all over the world to get that many.


Some years ago a fellow believed that with all the rod builders in California, a large event there couldn't miss. He failed to realize, however, that he was going to need to get builders from the eastern US to attend as well, and his far west location meant that nearly all those builders would have to fly in. As it was, he got a couple hundred or so each of the three years he put on the event. No way to come out either for the event promoter or the exhibitors with just a couple or three hundred attendees.


There have been rod building shows all over the country in the past decade - Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis, etc., etc. All have failed primarily because the event hosts/promoters don't understand rod building demographics.