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Spline, spine or NOT to spine, that is a the question

28 August 2017 - 09:47 AM

It's been pretty quiet here on the western front so let's see if I can stir the pot a little bit.


I found this quote a few days from a Bamboo rodmaker I know and trust his ingenuity, his ability to think outside the normal "rod building box", an outstanding fisherman and an outstanding fly tier.


Let the pot be stirred!



I had a graphite rod given to me to test on the White River.


Every time I caught a fish the rod seemed to want to twist in my hand. Checked the spine and it was 90* off.


I mentioned this to the owner of the company and he said "we put the guides on the straightest part of the rod so when the person using and sight down the rod it makes the guides line up better."


So much for putting the guides on the spine.