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In Topic: Greenhear rod restoration

13 October 2013 - 07:21 PM

QUOTE (splinters @ Oct 12 2013, 03:07 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
If it's a red screw in button you're talking about then Hopkins and Holloway in England still stock them.
Scroll down to the bottom, they're 2.07.
I don't know about the humidifier idea, but I would have thought a rub with linseed oil would restore some moisture and oils to the wood anyway.
Then a few coats of good spar varnish to finish. I did a greenheart and hickory Hardy "the Guinea" with just spar varnish ten years ago. As far as I know the owner is still fishing it.
Good luck whatever you decide.


Thanks splinters. I tracked down the red button in the UK and have ordered. I chanced upon a gentleman in the US who has been giving me (much needed) advice step by step! It tallies very closely with your thoughts! There is little or no renovation of greenheart rods in Australia and only a handful of split cane builders. The US/Canada and the UK is where all the knowledge is!

Anyway the upshot is that I have abandoned the humidifier approach and used teak oil rather than linseed as it is far more penetrative having stripped the rod. The wood looks very attractive.

I will silk bind the snakes with spar varnish as you suggest and dress the finished with rubbing varnish.

I have recorked the handle and it is all starting to look good!

I dated the rod as being at its youngest being of 1894 vintage based on the address of Farlow changing from 121 The Strand (which is engraved on the butt button collar) in 1894. perhaps it is even earlier...who knows?

So the 16 ft Enright will be next when I finish the Farlow.

I will post photos in due course

Again many thanks