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Thoughts on a flipping Stick

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#1 Scott A

Scott A
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Posted 31 December 2015 - 02:44 AM

I am finally going to be building myself a flipping rod.  I have selected a MHX FP885 7' 4" rod.  The rod will have a split grip with a size 16 Fuji SK2 reel seat.  I also decided to use micro eyes; Fuji.  I plan to use a #7 stripper guide then transition to 2 #5 and then 8 #4 and a tip top.  I plan on using 50-60 lb braid.  My question(s) are.......


1:  Does anybody have any experience or information with or on this rod

2;  What is your feelings using micro eyes on a flipping rod

3:  I will do a static test but can somebody suggest a layout plan to start, ill adjust after my static test

4:  I know many builders space the stripper guide 30-35 inches from the reel, so the fisherman has room grab the line.  I don't do that, I guess I only pitch so I'm not worried about having a huge distance from the reel to the stripper guide.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Again thanks for your input in advance


#2 Bigdadyrods


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Posted 31 December 2015 - 12:25 PM

Try taping the guides on first and mount your stripper at 27". If you have too much line slap, go closer to the reel. The old G. Loomis frog rod started at 27" and I remember taking the rod from a customer and stripping off the stripper guide and moving it closer to the seat. He also used it for pitching. I've never used this blank but several in the same category. I might look at a bigger seat, like a #17 or #18. Guides are OK but I would use a #6 and mount it at 20" if I'm only pitching and go straight to the #4.... Do the static test and that will tell you where to put the guides. Nothing is better than the Static test. Nothing wrong with micros,use them. My personal frog rod has them on. My train was #6 then #4.

The only caveat is the knot that you attach from your braid to your flouro or mono leader. Tie the knot and test it to see if it will pass thru a #4 guide. If it does, your golden.


#3 John T.

John T.
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Posted 31 December 2015 - 04:14 PM

Randy, good info on the flippin' stick.  Thanks.

John T.



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#4 Scott A

Scott A
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Posted 01 January 2016 - 04:07 AM

Randy, thanks for the comments.  I located the spine and zip tied the real seat in place, and glued on the tip top.  I did 3 static tests starting on the upper then the middle and then I tried the butt but to be honest I don't think I got much flex.  I spaced the guides (Fuji NOG) out to follow the blank on the section I was working and adjusted the previous section, the stripper was finally placed at 22 inches in front of the real seat.  Since I only had the #7j #5J and #4j that's what I used, I used a total of 11 guides. I am thinking about ordering a few more #4 and a #6 but to honest after I set it up it pitched like a dream and the casting was very smooth, I just don't see hoe I could be any more happier.  I plan on flipping creature baits with this rod and I might also use this rod in some serious slop with a hollow body frog like the Spro, I don't use a leader so knots are not a concern.  1 more question, does anybody know what the "j" stands or on the Fuji guides?


I have been practicing on my tiger wraps using 2 threads on the top and bottom and I;m starting to like the results, I would love to use 3 threads but I need ti figure out how to hold the other spool.  If yall want I can post some pictures when I'm done.  I only have like 10-15 rods under my belt so any comments will be greatly accepted.


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