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My new edict

24 June 2013 - 08:23 PM

Never fish for something that can be as large as the boat you're currently sitting on.......

The day started off pretty fun with a pile of little schoolies

7 hours later, the "big ones" decided it was time to feed. Unfortunately I was still out there bugeyes.gif . Never did see the monster that hit my rod but this was the end result.

I'm not sure fishing for stripers from floating tupperware is "my thing"

9' 4pc. 5wt Donation Rod

18 January 2013 - 02:20 PM

Since this is the land of "if you don't post pics, it never happened" hysterical.gif Here's some quick shots from my office since the rod is flying out the door as I type this!

Particulars: 9' 0" 4 pc. 5 wt. Fast Action Pac Bay blank. The reel seat is a beauty, walnut with cap & slip ring purchased from a fellow board member here a year ago plus 5 days... nope, doesn't take me too long to get stuff off my rod building desk whistling1.gif Anyway, I turned a birch grip for this one and combined it with various grades & styles of cork and sealed it for durability since I have no way of knowing who might win the rod. The snake guides are Pac Bay as well, and the thread is Mocha color that was CP'd before finishing. This is being donated to the Merrimack County Basket at the Easter Seals Ride-in being held here in NH at the beginning of February. Hopefully this donation and all the others items being donated by so many will go for a nice high price so some very deserving children can go to camp this summer free of charge!

Sorry the pics aren't a bit better, but these were shot by a co-worker just so I could prove it was real... thanks for looking!