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In Topic: Fine oily residue evenly distributed on cured finish surface

03 June 2016 - 11:38 AM

I'm sure that's it! We've had high humidity lately, like today's rain, and I have a gas heater in the room here that is contributing to the CO2.

So, I need a dehumidifier and an electric heater!

Many thanks to you all.



In Topic: Hello, we're Rodmakers of Chile...

22 May 2016 - 02:39 PM

Welcome to the forum, Michael.  The forum is a great way to learn from rod builders from all over the world.

I watched the entire video and am impressed with the quality of work.  Some questions arise:

1.  What kind of wood did you use for the reel seat insert?  What finish on the insert?

2.  What finish did you put on the cork grip?

3.  What epoxy on the thread wraps.

Thanks for sharing the video, which is well made.

Thank you John. 


I replied to Linda with some information on the wood we use. As for the finish, we use a marine varnish with poly in it, cant think of the name at the moment. The cork handle in the video we just cleaned with a damp cloth. We do sometimes use a cork sealer. We're using a few supplies of Thread Master and Flex Coat for our finish when we don't use varnish.

Glad you enjoyed the video.



In Topic: Hello, we're Rodmakers of Chile...

22 May 2016 - 02:01 PM

Wow, great video.  What kind of wood do you use for the reel seats?


I was in Chile last year fishing,  not in one of the big expensive lodges but wherever I could find fish on my own, which was pretty much everywhere, although not in the sizes that make Patagonia fishing so legendary. . Based on the number of people who took cell phone videos of me fly fishing, I got the impression that fly fishing is not that common among Chileans.  Where do you sell your rods, and are they mostly purchased by foreigners?



Thank you Linda! We're so glad that you enjoyed it.

We use several kinds of native Chilean wood. The two in the video are Roble and Espino. I can tell you that the Roble is much like oak, maybe not a traditional reel seat wood, but Chileans love their native woods. To offer fly rods with these is very attractive to them and travelers alike. We've recently started engraving designs in the roble to make them more pleasing as not all pieces we shape have natural character.

We have a healthy population of fly anglers but very few of them are women. It was this that drew attention to you or the sheer joy of watching someone casting, which we can all relate to. 

We sell our rods out of our little shop in Santiago and we'll be adding a shopping cart to our menu soon. We found a significant demand for rod repairs here in Chile so we balance these many labor intensive jobs with our joy of new builds. We're still pretty new and growing by the day so most of our customers are from Chile and neighboring Argentina. We have just a few customers beyond the borders of South America. 

Thanks again for asking. Please visit us if ever you find yourself in Chile again!