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Golden Touch Decals - its 2019 and we are still making Decals

02 March 2019 - 10:15 AM

Hello Friends.... It has been a while and boy does time fly when you are having fun.....YES, we are still making decals thanks to a lot of dedicated and faithful customers. 


Thanks for a great 2018 to all of the rodbuilders that had me create their decals and I hope all are doing well when you get time on the water. 


The new website is doing well and thanks to the WIX designers, it is so easy to update whenever I have to. You can't be building rods or making decals when you are diddlin' around with a website!!


Since I have been "out of touch" for so long I thought it fitting to recap the information for the decal and fly rod website. In May of 2017, the old site was redesigned into Sweetwater Fly Rods - Only the website name has changed, GOLDEN TOUCH DECALS is still the same along with everything from Graphite rods, Fiberglass rods and Decals all being at one location.


New Website Name: Sweetwater Fly Rods          Website URL:    https://www.SweetwaterFlyRods.com


New E-Mail:  [email protected]         (note there is no "s" on the end of rod in the e-mail)


You can use either the "CONTACT" form on the website or if you have attachments to send, you can use the e-mail shown in the CONTACT page to cut & paste to your e-mail service. That has been the most successful method anyway - just like in the old days!


Thanks again to all my faithful customers and thanks in advance to all the new ones.