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Minimum insertion depth?

and small rant/rave

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#1 Hatchet Jack

Hatchet Jack
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Posted 12 October 2017 - 04:59 PM

I recently received a tiptop guide from a well-known vendor and manufacturer.

I checked the inside of the tube for debris (none found) and placed it onto the rod blank tip.

Something looked a tad dodgy and lo and behold, it turned out that the tube itself

was shorter than usual. So much so that I refuse to use this tiptop.


The vendor told me that the next size up in tube I.D. has a longer tube but that

the particular size I had ordered all were "short-tubed".


I compared an older identical XFTL-4.5 tiptop to the one sent, and the older tiptop has a longer tube.

If this is a cost-savings measure by the manufacturer or if the vendor is selling factory rejects, I'm done with both.


What minimum length of insertion depth do you chaps find acceptable?

This particular tiptop had something around 6.2 mm because of the short tube length.

I'm concerned that at some point the tiptop would snap the end off the rod blank because of the shortened tube.

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#2 steeldrifter


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:46 PM

6.2mm is 1/4" so that is actually not all that bad. I never measured it before but I just checked a few 4.5 tube ones from my stock on a 5wt blank and most of them insert around 5/16" so that's not a big difference. The first guide is usually with in 4.5" of the tip top so when flexed there really is not anywhere near the pressure some people think there is on a tip top. I don't think you have a problem with those IMO.


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#3 Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson
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Posted 16 October 2017 - 11:33 AM

For my rods (cane), I make tip-top tubes from titanium and the length of the part of the tube which accepts the end of the blank is 5 mm, which is a little over 3/16".  I have never had a failure of the tube or that it has come off of the blank.  In my view, the only advantage of a longer tube is the larger surface area for glue.  I use 5-minute epoxy which holds well with my short tubes.


As far as the blank breaking at the end of the tube, the length of the tube makes no difference if the tip-top is adequately glued on.  The tube does not flex (or very little) so the stress is concentrated at the end of the tube, regardless of its length.



#4 Hatchet Jack

Hatchet Jack
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Posted 21 October 2017 - 10:14 AM

"...the only advantage of a longer tube is the larger surface area for glue."

Yes! Thanks for the feedback, Steelie & Tim.


I'm going to source a longish tube tiptop - at times I have to free up a pike/muskie size fly, using the rod tip and a taut fly line/leader. I'd a lot feel better having a longer tube to do that job.


Just got an ALPS brand XHFT4.5 from Carol @ Utmost.

Nice long tube, more like I'm used to.

(BTW, she is great to deal with!)

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