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Reel, Line and Fly Box Combo

10 November 2010 - 01:54 PM

This is a very nice combination
5/6/7 wt Fly Reel, Micro Slit Water Proof Fly Box and a WF6F MASTERLINR Fly line from the UK. The MASTERLINE Fly Line is an outstanding line that my supplier no longer carries. He has substituted a brand of his own.
The reel normally sells for $119.00, The Fly Box $19.95 and the line $28.98.

The combination price is $125.00

PM if interested.

Swing Leaf Fly Box New

20 September 2010 - 03:49 PM

New Micro Slit Foam Swing Leaf Fly Box $12.50
Six rows of Micro Slit Foam on both the lid and the base, and a swinging flap with 6 rows of MSF on each side
It is ideal for fly sizes #14 - #24 and will hold over 500 flies
SIZE: 5.10" x 3.52" x 1.34"
Weight 3.2 oz

Sells on eBay for $13.50 and $6.50 shipping.
I have one left now at $12.50 and free first class shipping. International at coast.
Compare with the high coast box at $39.50

PM if interested

Why Have A cell Phone

03 September 2010 - 09:42 PM

Hell my family tells me I'm worse than an old man because I refuse to get a cell phone.

Reading this from Steve made me think about why have a cell phone anyway.
These are my reasons for having a TracFhone that almost never is out of my car. Two people have my number My wife and Stan ( Trout Trainer). When my serpentine belt broke between Helena and Great Falls it was nice to have a handy means to call the insurance Co for a wrecker and call Donna to pick me up. If I am at the other end of town and heading home I can call home to see if Donna wants me to pick anything up. Saves driving back to the other end of town, saves time and gas, If I am off god only knows where fishing and will be late I call home so my room mate, wife does not need to worry. When we were on the way to wise river 30 miles out of town we were not sure if the garage door was shut. Had a phone book in the care called a neighbor, she looked out her window and said yep it is closed.
The two folks with my number do not call very often but since it almost never leaves my car I just call them back. I do not answer or make calls while I am driving.
I am for anything that makes my life safer, cheaper and easier. kicking.gif
I do belive time marches on and one can march with it or be left behind in the dust of progess
If I did not drive and never went anywhere by myself I would not have any reason to have one.

Something we all need

03 September 2010 - 10:10 AM

After reading some of the latest post I have come to believe we all need a lot of HELP

That is all but me

Interesting Phone conversation.

02 September 2010 - 03:01 PM

Last week I received a email from Sandro Gatti Italy informing me that he had a Skype call identity and was wondering if he could call me.
I had heard of Skype but that was about it. Well I did get set up with them for free and spent $8.98 for a Microphone.
This morning we had about a 15 min conversation by computer. It was great, clearer than a regular phone call. If you have anyone that you wish to call internationally give it a shot it is well worth it and Skype to Skype is free.