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Fly rod blank with fly/spin reel seat & grip combo.

25 August 2017 - 05:52 AM

Hi guys,


I have a very good friend who is an older gentleman who likes to fish for trout but he does not fly fish. He has fished his whole life with a spinning rod and he is not about to change his ways.


However, he has recently had some medical issues that makes him bound to a wheelchair. He has done pretty well with his rehab and is getting out to fish a little bit. Sometimes from a boat and sometimes from a wheelchair access at one of their local parts.


I would like to build him a fly rod that has a seat/grip combo that would be easy enough to use with a spinning reel. I'd also like for it to be able to accept a fly reel and be used as a fly rod. All of his fishing gear will be handed down to a grandson when he passes. The old guy is a Viet Nam war veteran and I'll incorporate that into the rod somehow. That will give him something to be proud of and will be a reminder to his young grandson of his grandfather.


Has anyone here made a setup similar to this?

I've thought of a couple things but nothing jumps out at me.


I've thought about just using sliding rings on a cork grip, but considering his motor skills, I think a locking reel seat would be best.


I've also never used a fly rod to throw jigs or small spinner baits with a spinning reel.

I am thinking of using a 9ft 6wt fly rod blank. Any thoughts on that?  Too light?  Too heavy?


Thanks for any input guys.