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Tapered Reamers

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Posted 19 December 2004 - 11:25 PM

Tapered Reamers

This is a very and handy tool to make for your rod building; it makes reaming the holes in cork rings and handles much easier and cuts through cork much faster than any rat tail file.

All you need to make these is a old rod that is junk (broken or just useless)
epoxy and some reamer grit.
Cut 20 inch length of rod blank from the junk rod.
(I will make 3 reamers of different diameters from the same junk rod blank)

user posted image

Then mix up some epoxy and evenly coat the piece of blank with it.
(I leave a short 4 inch area at the base uncoated and will put a handle on the reamer later)

user posted image

user posted image

Then sprinkle the grit over the blank and evenly coat the epoxy part of the blank with a layer of grip.
I have been buying my Grip from Jann's Netcraft

user posted image

It's a good Idea to work over news paper as you will want to save the grip that falls to make more reamers
Once you have the blank piece coated with grit set it somewhere for the epoxy to cure
I will make a handle from wood for the new cork reamer later.


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