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Questions for the Spinning Rod Builders

19 January 2013 - 09:05 PM

These questions goes out for the spinning rod builders here. My Thread is a little long and Detailed so bear with me please. whistling1.gif

I would ask down in the Bamboo Section but I see there is much more Rod Building information up here.

What I have is a 6'6" blank, it is an Orvis Flea Bamboo Taper. I am building this as a Spinning Rod for my Son for small stream Trout fishing here in Pa.

I really like Mudholes; "BTRLA Ring Lock A-Frame Spinning Guides", smallest available is a size 6. (single foot)


"BTRLS Typhoon Spin/Cast Guide, smallest available is an size 8. (double foot)

1. How are spinning guides measured so I know as a reference? Inside dia. of the ring or Outside dia.?

2. Would either of these guides be recommended for this rod? Very short and Ultralite.

3. If yes, how many and what sizes are recommended for this blank.

I've looked at the "Artus Micro Guides" for their small size but I am very hooked on the Blue NanoPlasma Rings for this build.

One more question please;

This rod is currently a 1 piece 6'6" taper. So, considering it being so fragile (so to speak), I'm worried about normal handling and breaking it putting it in a sock and tube during routine usage at this length.. (even with being careful)

I am considering purchasing ferrules and making this a 2 piece..

Thoughts Please.

Thank You..


Heating Spar Varnish dip tube

05 January 2013 - 08:58 AM

Pros and Cons of heating the dipping tube? dunno.gif

I see where some guys preheat their dip tube (various methods) hot water, electric heat tape... and I'm wondering if it really makes a difference.

Does it help with the varnish flowing better or how about the tiny air bubbles dilemma, my problem???

My cellar shop is 66*-68* on average with concrete floor. I have 2 pvc dip tubes standing upright on the floor, so I have no idea what the true temperature is of the Spar Varnish.
I am considering the idea of preheating with the heat tape method if recommended..


Harvesting the Birch Bark

24 November 2012 - 09:45 PM

I've been following these Birch Bark threads and seen the grips that are being made... to say the least they look awesome..and I want to make one or more.

Now... I'm getting mixed thoughts on what part you guys are actually using...

I see photos of just the paper part of the bark being used and I see photos of the thicker brown layer underneath being used.

I've tried to peel this and I can get the paper layer off but that thicker layer underneath is impossible... It just crumbles as I try to fillet it off the log.

Am I missing something? dunno.gif

I am looking to harvest this bark on my own and do the project rather than purchasing it. But purchasing would be my last resort...

Help or Ideas Please...


Just completed 2 more Bamboo rods for PHW

23 November 2012 - 10:38 PM

Just finished restoring 2 more Bamboo rods for the PHW organization. Packed up and mailing back out tomorrow...

These 2 rods were not purchased by me this time as these were Donated rods to PHW by someone... passed on to me for a complete restoration and given a Purple Heart Theme to the Rod......

Hopefully these make it to the upcoming Project Healing Waters event in December @ Rose River Farm in Virginia.

I am by no means a pro at this, still a novice in learning and getting better with each project I do.. and enjoying every moment.. biggrin.gif

CP and Varnishing Wraps

10 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

Just curious as to what everyone uses when they apply their CP or Varnish to the Guide Wraps only.

Artist brush, toothpick, something else????

I seem to have a bubble problem when using an Artist brush... and using a toothpick seems to take forever and you can't seem to control the quantity being applied...