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In Topic: Spin/Fly combo rod?

13 July 2017 - 08:26 AM

I built a few using a 7 pc fly blank that was a 5wt. I made the bottom section into a ten style cork grip and put reel rings on to hold the reel. The stripper guide was a flexible #20 spinning guide and the #10 and then from there, I used single foot minima guides to the tip. The mono worked well, as did the 5 wt line. It worked well. I think they get used more for spinning than fly but you have that option.


In Topic: Pac Bay Omni Arbors

13 July 2017 - 08:19 AM

They're pretty easy to use. Buy 2-3 of them and try them. The larger the blank, the more the arbor swells and the fins turn sideways to take up the growth of the inside diameter. The one side of the arbor pretty much stays the same but a little swelling does take place. The fins take in the epoxy glue and holds the arbor to the blank. It also pushes all of the epoxy and a dam of it builds up to adhere the seat to the blank. I tried a 2 sets and it's not a bad set-up but I don't think I'll switch over from my other arbors that I use. I'll keep on hand a few sets just when I see that they will work better than the others.

In Topic: Need some advice on a rod repair

20 April 2017 - 03:19 PM

MHX will send you a new rod but you must register the rod first. Now, you probably want to save the rod because of your work. If anything, use a fiberglass inner sleeve to fix that and then you should do an outer sleeve. Problem is you don't have enough clearance to put that outer sleeve on without screwing up that thread work.
My thought, get a new blank and re-wrap. Practice is always good. I know guys that spend hours on a crosswrap and then---cut it off.


In Topic: Rod breakage vs. number of ferrules?

27 March 2017 - 09:38 AM

If the Ferrules have a trend break it could be that they work loose a little or a lot an work out some, then  you are using just part of the ferrule putting a lot of force on the outer section of it, some of the large spey roder's put a little electrical tape on the ferrules to hold them together [ not come out ]  as they casting , they really work the rod doing there double D cast 
 tape is on the ferrule not in it,  little bee's  wax also helps to hold it together  AS I see it , could be wrong ,

You're right.
That's the other thing, putting a rod together. Some people still think they should push the pieces together straight on. It needs to have a twist while compressing the two. Not too much but the twist will lock the sections together better than straight pushing.

In Topic: Rod breakage vs. number of ferrules?

26 March 2017 - 09:20 AM

It doesn't matter how many pieces the rod is built on. This is a fallacy. To prove it to yourself, think of this. Lets say the rod is in 10 pcs. Now flex the rod. The weakest point is going to be the smallest ferrule, correct? Well once the flex is past that point, the rod is now straight....going to the next section and so on. How can that section be the weakest at the ferrule if the rod is straight??? It's old time thinking and someone not excepting todays innovations. Think of all the fly rods out there going to 4pc sections. It's because of portability. If rods with more sections are prone to breaking, we would be swamped with work the manufacturers would stop building them. The older people still "feel" they have a better experience with a 2pc or just a 1pc. Whatever floats your boat. I'm sure the guy in the bar with a whiskey glass in his hand or the second cousin to the ex-wife's older brother in law knows more. If the rod broke, it was user error.