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Question from a newbie

12 May 2016 - 07:55 AM

Hey guys, newcomer here as I have just started building some rods this spring.  I am currently working on a Coast Guard themed rod for a cousin who is coming home from overseas and had a Coast Guard decal made for the rod.  Long story short, I screwed up the decal through the finishing process and now I would like to replace it if possible.  Does anyone have any suggestions on removing the finish that I put over the decal and then replacing the decal?  I'm thinking just use some heat to remove the finish, peel decal off, clean the blank and re-apply.  I'm just checking some resources due to the fact that this rod did turn out really nice other than this one problem and I would rather leave it as is, rather than mess it up worse, so I need some voices of experience.  Thanks guys for all the info you have provided already.